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    You trudged through the halls of the DWMA in your favourite pair of jeans, tennis shoes, and a graphic tee. You had your head buried in your sketchbook, doodling a picture of a fox. It was only your first day and already people were making fun of you. Your mother had been a witch, so you had some magical power in you as well. However, the only thing you could do (that you could figure out, anyway) was turn into your animal – a fox. The kids at school bullied you about it, calling you evil and a dirty animal. You weren't, obviously, if Lord Death had let you attend here. Your soul was purple-ish blue with fox ears etched on it. It was because of your father that you had a blue human soul with a purple tint. He had been practically a saint, which overrode the so-called “evil” genes of the witch mostly. You still had witch in you, of course, it would've been impossible to completely drive it out. And yet, the kids still hated you.

    “So immature,” you muttered under your breath as you walked by kids making faces at you. You smiled a little bit at the thought of one of your favourite songs. High School Never Ends by Bowling for Soup. It certainly applied.


    You turned and grinned at the person who had shouted your name. It was your weapon partner, Brian Bell. “Hey B.B.!” you returned cheerfully, wrapping him in a hug.

    “How many times do I have to say to not call me B.B.?” he said, rolling his eyes but hugging you back.

    “As many times as you want, I'm still not going to stop,” you giggled.

    He punched you lightly in the arm, and you stuck your tongue out at him. Brian had been by your side for longer than you can remember. Your mother had left your father as soon as you were born, and your father had been killed by a Kishin a little over two years ago now, when you were fourteen. Brian had been there with you when it happened. He had formed into a katana and you had killed the Kishin, Brian swallowing its soul afterward. It had been his first one. Over the course of the past two years, you had traveled slowly to Death City, killing several Kishins together on the way. You needed around forty more Kishin souls and a witch's soul for Brian to become a Death Scythe. In Death City lay not only the DWMA, but your uncle, Frankin Stein. He had visited a few times when you were young, and had loved you and your father dearly. He would be upset to learn of his passing.

    “Come on, we have to get going if we're going to get to Stein's class before anyone else,” Brian smiled.

    You nodded and the two of you walked to class, happily chatting about the latest episode of an anime you both were interested in.

    You blushed when your stomach growled, informing you that you had forgotten to eat breakfast.

    “Hungry?” Brian smirked.

    “Shut up,” you grumbled.

    “I guess I'll just eat both these apples then.” He held up two shiny red apples.

    “Gimme one!” you cried, lunging for them. You wrestled him for a moment before backing away, an apple held triumphantly in your hand. “Ha ha! I succeeded! I am awesomer than you.” You gleefully bit into the apple.

    “You only got it because I let you,” Brian said.

    “I'm going to ignore that in favor of eating this deliciousness,” you said with a mouth full of apple.

    You finally made it to Stein's class  - you and Brian did end up being the first ones - and dropped the apple core in the trash can. “Hi Uncle Frankin,” you greeted.

    Stein looked at you in amazement. “________?” he said disbelievingly.

    “Yup,” you said, smiling a bit.

    “You've grown up,” he said simply.

    “That tends to happen when time passes, uncle.”

    “I knew we were getting a new student pair, but I didn't know it was you and Brian.”

    “Yeah, well,” you shrug and give him a sad smile. “Uncle? Dad... he was killed. By a Kishin. Two years ago.”

    Stein pushed his glasses up his nose and looked at you sadly. “I know.”

    “Oh.” You paused. “I still miss him. A lot.”

    “Me too.”

    You stepped forward and stretched your arms out in a silent asking for a hug. Stein chuckled once and wrapped you in a brief hug.

    “It's going to be okay,” he said as he pulled away. “Would dissecting a honey badger make you feel better?”

    You giggled. “Yeah! They're the most badass animals on Earth, didn't you see the video I sent you?”

    Stein nodded.

    “Hah!” You turned, grinning at your weapon. “I told you he would watch it! Pay up,” you demanded, holding out your hand.

    Brian gave you a grumpy look and handed over the five bucks he now owed you. “How was I supposed to know he would actually watch it?” he griped.

    “You didn't, that's why you bet, and lost,” you said smugly, pocketing the money. “So nyah!”

    Stein watched this with a raised eyebrow. “Well, more students are going to be coming in soon, so take your seats.”

    You nodded, still on a high from winning the bet, and skipped to a seat. Brian followed you, muttering under his breath about losing the bet, and sat to your left.

    Sure enough, a few seconds later, kids began coming in, talking loudly and laughing. They began to take their seats. A white-haired boy with red eyes sat next to you and your mouth went dry. Damn, he's cute, you thought. You blinked and shook your head slightly. “Hi,” you said to him. “I'm ______, the new student. Brian's my weapon partner, the grumpy-looking one to my left.”

    The boy smiled and held out his hand. You shook it. “Nice to meet you, ______. I'm Soul. Maka's my meister, the grumpy-looking one to my right.”

    You giggled.

    “Maka.....CHOP!” you heard before a book smashed into Soul's skull.

    “Uhhh...” Soul groaned.

    You looked at Maka. “Nice aim,” you smirked.

    “I've had a lot of practice,” Maka smiled. “He says a lot of stupid things.”

    “Heh, so does Brian,” you grinned. “I've pulled the same move often enough.”

    “What kind of weapon is he?” she asked.

    “A katana,” you said proudly. “Which is perfect for us, since we really like Japanese styles of fighting. Anything Japanese, really. Anime, manga, pocky. So what kind of weapon are you, Soul?”

    “I'm a scythe,” he said, sitting up and rubbing his head.

    “Cool,” you grinned. You leaned back to see the pink-haired boy next to Maka. “What's your name?”

    “I-I'm C-Crona,” he stuttered.

    You smiled at him. “Nice to meet to you, Crona.”

    He smiled shyly back. “You too.”

    “So, I heard your mother was a witch,” Soul said curiously. “Is it true?”

    “Yeah,” you said, rubbing your arm uncomfortably. “I, um, have just enough magic to be able to transform into an animal, but that's it. So I dunno if I'm counted as a witch or not. I hope not. But kids here are already calling me evil anyway, so it probably doesn't matter.”

    “Of course it matters,” Brian said indignantly. “I don't want you to be killed for your soul if you do count, which you don't. You're practically my little sister.”

    You give him a smile. “Thank you. And I can't be your little sister because I'm two months older than you.”

    Brian rolled his eyes. “I try to cheer you up and you get all technical.”

    “You should know by now that's what I do,” you grinned.

    “Hey guys!” a blue-haired boy shouted, sitting next to Maka. A black-haired girl sat next to him and smiled at you. You smiled back.

    “Who're you?” the bluenette asked, pointing a finger at you.

    “I'm ______, the new girl,” you said. “This is Brian, my weapon.”

    “'Sup?” Brain said, lifting a hand in a lazy greeting.

    “I'm Black*Star!” Black*Star shouted, grinning. “I'm the biggest star there is!”

    “I'm sure you are,” you said placatingly.

    “I'm Tsubaki, his weapon partner,” Tsubaki said.

    “Hi,” you said. “That's a really pretty name.” you smile at her.

    “Thank you!” she said, smiling back.

    A boy with black-and-white hair and two blonde girls sat behind the entire group.
    “Morning, Kid!” Maka said.

    “Good morning Maka, Soul, Black*Star, Tsubaki,” Kid said, nodding at each of them. “You must be ______.” He looked at you. “Father told me about you.”

    “Father?” you frown. Then your jaw drops. “You're Lord Death's son?”

    The shorter blonde girl giggled. “Yup! I'm Patty!”

    “Uh, hi,” you smile.

    “I'm Liz,” the taller blonde said. “We're Kid's weapons.”

    “Hi. I'm _____,” you said.

    “I'm Brian,” Brian said. “I'm ______'s weapon partner, a katana. What type are you?”
    “We're guns!” Patty said, bouncing her seat.

    “Awesome,” Brian said, looking excited.

    “Okay class, settle down,” Stein said as the bell rang. “Today, a new meister/weapon pair is joining the DWMA. _______  _______ and Brian Bell. I'm sure you've all heard the story by now. What you haven't heard, I'm sure, is that ______ is my niece.”

    You blushed scarlet as everyone in the room jawdropped. You headdesked and buried your face in your arms.

    “Alright class, let's move on to the lesson,” Stein continued as if he hadn't said anything unsual. You sweatdropped. “Today we'll be dissecting honey badgers!”

~*Timeskip brought to you by Stein's madness*~

    “I didn't see that coming in class,” Soul said to you as you all walked to lunch.

    “What, the niece thing?” you ask.

    Soul nodded.

    “Yeah, well,” you shrug. “I can see why. He's a mad genius. He actually makes a pretty good uncle, if you can believe that.”

    “I don't see how he could be,” Black*Star piped up.

    “You didn't grow up with him,” you said dryly, laughing. “When I was little, he would give me dolls and dresses and generally try to get me to be girly. He eventually figured out I wasn't that type of girl when I snuck into his lab one night and tried to dissect one of my stuffed animals. I'm not as obsessed as him, though. I just wanted to see what it was he did all day.” You chuckled at the memory. “His face when he saw me was priceless! After that, he started doing more boy-ish stuff with me. Like going to dinosaur museum and stuff. I loved it. There was this one time when I was eight, he buried treasure in his backyard. He drew a map and gave it me. First we dressed up as pirates. He played first mate, and I was captain. When we finally dug it up and opened the box, there was a beautiful golden necklace inside. Of course I was excited, despite not being a girly-girl. It was pirates' treasure after all. He put it on me, and I've practically never taken it off.”

    “He does sound like a good uncle,” Tsubaki smiled.

    “Arrr, pirates!” Patty giggled, putting on an eye patch and curling a finger into a hook.

    You laughed.

    “Patty, take that damn thing off, it's making you asymmetrical,” Kid said, glaring at Patty.

    “Okay!” she smiled and took it off.

    “Asymmetrical?” you quietly questioned Soul.

    “Kid's got OCD for symmetry,” he replied in a whisper.

    “Ah.” You paused, then spotted Brian gazing at Liz with The Look on his face. You nudged Soul, pointing to Brian. “Looks like somebody has a crush,” you said with a shark-like grin on your face.

    Soul snickered. “Good luck to him,” he smirked.

    “Why do you say that?”

    “Liz has a lot of guys after her. He's going to have a hard time getting her,” Soul explained.

    “Oh dear,” you chuckle. “I guess life here is going to be pretty interesting.”

    “It does tend to be that way,” Soul grinned.

    You grinned back. Maybe life here wouldn't be so bad after all.

~*Timeskip brought to you by symmetry*~

    Over the course of the next few months, you and Brian had grown very close to the gang. You and Soul especially. You had a major crush on him. You had several drawings of him in your sketchbook. You had some of all your friends, but Soul was in here most frequently. He had hearts around him occasionally, and some featured the two of you kissing. Some sketches simply had your and his names in a detailed heart. So of course when it disappeared you completely freaked out.

    “Where is it?” you growled under your breath as you tore your room apart looking for it.

    “Whatcha looking for?” Brian asked lazily from your doorway.

    You whirled around, nostrils flaring in anger. “You took it, didn't you? You took my sketchbook!”

    Brian raised an eyebrow at you. “You know I would never do that, _______. Where did you last see it?”

    You sigh, knowing he's right. “Okay, okay. I was doodling in Stein's class,” you begin, thinking back to the day. “I remember having it at lunch, then later at the library. And again in Stein's class...oh no.” Your eyes widened in realization. “I left it in Stein's class! Oh no, oh no, oh no! I hope Soul didn't find it! Wait, I think I was the last one to leave the classroom. That rules that out.” You sigh in relief. Then your eyes widen again. “Damn! That means Stein found it. Ugh. I can just see him giving me that look when he gives it back.” You blow your (h/c) hair out of your eyes.

    Brian snickered at you.

    You glared at him.

    He smirked back.

    You heightened the intensity of your glower.

    He turned around and you grinned triumphantly.

    “I'll go make some dinner,” he said, leaving you alone.

    “Will you make (favourite food) please?” you called.

    “No, I'm making tacos! It's Tuesday, remember?”

    “Oh yeah!” You turn to survey your mess of a room. You had a lot of work to do to restore it to it's natural order.

~*The Next Day*~

    You made it to school early and made a beeline for your uncle's classroom, panicking a bit over the sketchbook that held those precious drawings. Luckily, you able to get there quickly since there was hardly anybody was at school this early. You spotted your uncle spinning around in his chair happily.

    “Morning!” you greeted.

    “Good morning, _______,” Stein said, falling out of his chair.

    You rolled your eyes at him. “Hey, uncle, did you happen to find my sketchbook here yesterday?”

    Stein twisted his screw. “I saw it. Soul Eater came back here after you left and grabbed it, telling me he was going to take it to you. However, I assume he hasn't returned it to you.”

    Your heart stopped. “S-Soul took it?” you croaked.

    Stein nodded.

    You blinked rapidly.

    Stein smiled and lit a cigarette. “I know what was in there,” he said casually. “I am your uncle after all, of course I'll snoop.”

    You blushed deeply. “And you just let him take it?”

    Stein took a drag from his cigarette and adjusted his glasses. “Yes. I knew you would never have the guts to tell him. So I let fate take over.”

    “What – But – You – I hate you,” you stuttered weakly.

    Stein shrugged.

    You ran out of there as fast as you could and began searching for Soul. After about ten minutes, you facepalmed, knowing exactly where he would be. You dashed for the basketball courts, slowing as you got closer. You dearly hoped Soul hadn't looked through through your sketches, but that hope was shattered the moment you saw Soul sitting on a bench. He had the book open and was staring at a page. You noted that is was your favourite, one of the two of you laying on a blanket late at night, stargazing.

    At that moment, Soul looked up and saw you. He smirked and shut the book. “Good morning, _______.”

    You blushed a little and walked up to him. “Good morning, Soul. May I have my sketchbook back?” you asked politely, holding out your hand.

    “No,” Soul stated, shaking his head.

    You opened your mouth indignantly, but before you could say more than “Soul” the boy in front of you had stood and gently placed a kiss on your lips. Your brain shut down. You stared, eyes wide, at Soul, who looked faintly embarrassed.

    “I've liked you for awhile,” he admitted quietly, shoving his hands in his pockets.

    You gaped like a fish. “But you're cool!” you blurted, instantly covering your mouth with your hand and blushing.

    Soul chuckled. “Thanks. So are you. You're one cool girl.” He placed his hands lightly on your waist.

    You shook your head in disbelief. “There's no way you think that.”

    Soul chuckled again and pulled you against his chest. “It's true. You're the coolest of the cool.”

    “But I thought you and Maka were together,” you said dizzily.

   “Tch. No,” Soul said. “I don't think I could put up with her as a girlfriend. Besides, I think she likes Crona.”

    You giggled. “So...are we...going out then?” you asked nervously.

    Soul nodded. You threw your arms around his neck and laughed happily. You heard his laughter in your ear and he picked you up and spun you around. When he put you down, he pulled back a little and tilted your chin up. Your breathing increased slightly in anticipation. He leaned down and your lips met in a sweet kiss. Fireworks exploded in your brain as you kissed back, sighing happily. You eventually broke apart, needing air, and you rested your foreheads together. You both had tiny smiles on your face.

    “FINALLY GOT THE BALLS TO DO IT, EH SOUL?” Black*Star screamed from the top of the backboard.

    “Shut up Black*Star!” Soul yelled at him.

    You buried your face in Soul's chest and laughed. “Should've know he'd ruin the moment!”
This is my first x Reader. Sorry if I accidentally put "she" or "her" instead of "you" at the wrong parts. I hope you enjoyed it :) If you want more, just say so!

Chapter Two: [link]

SoulxMale!Reader Chapter One: [link]
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